Marwein Installation Instructions
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How to get the Program

There are three possibilities to get Marwein:

  • download binary distribution
  • download source distribution
  • checkout from CVS


The distributions are available from sourceforge.

you'll get all the jar files plus startup scripts.


The project is hosted at sourceforge. The main package is de.schlund.marwein.

You can checkout the project from the sourceforge cvs server. If you need developer access, ask me (uplatze AT users DOT sourceforge DOT net) and I'll try to find out how I add developers...

export CVS_RSH=ssh

cvs login
cvs -z3 co -P marwein
Just press 'return' when asked for a password.

Running Marwein

if you downloaded or checked out the source

  • after checkout, compile it by calling mvn package
  • then call src/util/ to start the editor frontend.
  • more info is in the README file.

Using the binary distribution

  • unpack the marwein-VERSION-bin.tar.gz file and you'll have a ready-to-run installation in a marwein-VERSION/ subdirectory. Startup scripts for the editor and the batch runner can be found in the src/util/ subdirectory.