Feature Requests
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Improve the program

  • If you start the program, then choose "new graph", then answer the question "do you want to save the current graph" with "yes", and then press "cancel" in the "save as..." dialog, you get a Messagebox saying there was an error saving the graph, and if you want to continue anyway - and it was not an error, after all, it was a user decision to cancel saving.
  • Provide a default macro definition file
  • Settings (recent files/.marwein) should be stored in user's home directory and not in current directory
  • Print date/time: when was a test started/finished
  • Start properties dialog for tasks with proper (bigger) size
    • out of my control, the dialog is created via the a href="http://symbolaris.com/ target="_blank">Orbital library.
  • Close property dialog by pressing "Esc"
    • out of my control, see above
  • Don't show "Do you want to save?" when nothing has been edited on the current – nearly impossible.
  • Instead of using PageChecker and PrintPage tasks, let the edges/connections between the tasks have two switches for switching on/off the PageChecker and PrintPage funcitonality. Would also be nice to disable them automatically during batch test runs, to save time.
  • Fillform: accept regexp for field names, and fill data into the first field that matches the regexp.
  • Layout: automatically put all tasks below each other
  • task FollowRedirect: check for meta tag on page
  • User interface: different buttons for tadding the tasks may be nicer than a dropdown in the toolbar
  • For- and While-loops: execute a sequence of tasks a defined number of times (or until some condition is met).
  • Ein großer Graph repräsentiert sämtliche vorhandenen Seiten und man müßte dann für einen Test bloß noch Start- und Zielseite anklicken (und u.U. parameter angeben, z.B. welchen Usernamen man nehmen möchte). Das Programm würde dann selbständig den möglichen Pfad aus dem Graphen raussuchen (bzw. _die Pfade_, wenn es mehrere gibt, und eine Auswahl anbieten bzw das eingeben von Zwischenpunkten ermöglichen).

Improve the development process

  • auto-generate the launch scripts instead of providing hard-coded gui.sh script


  • switch to maven for building
  • parameter in properties ("macros")
  • copy a node
  • print SUCCEEDED if test was successful
  • add arrowhead to the edges
  • "Comment" tasks that do nothing except for printing their name in the log output (I don't know if the logging part actually works)