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Hiking in the Kleinwalsertal on the border between Austria and Germany. The weather forecast predicts 35 degrees and no rain. The Mahdtal leads us up to the Rosskopf. Already during my last stay, I noticed the incredibly rich flora of this area, and wasn’t disappointed this time. Gottesacker and Hoher Ifen. View from Gottesackerscharte. Published under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0. The Gottesacker plateau features occasional small holes in the ground... ... a typical karst landscape. unknown Side view of the plateau of the Hoher Ifen. Return home in time for the four-course dinner or stop for a refreshing bath in one of the pools...? And a hotel room with a panoramic view of a landslide! What more could one want? At Pension Sonn-Winkl in Mittelberg.