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Ujap - Ultimate Journeys & Plants

Welcome to the UJap website

UJap is a nice, universal abbreviation:

  • U can be interpreted as universal, ultimate, or Ute's, for example.
  • J stands for Journeys. It used to mean Java (a programming language) but nowadays I prefer travelling to programming smiley View my TravelReports and photo gallery.
  • and
  • p means something like ProJects, PlanTs, or page.

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Newest news are on top.

I have a "speaker page" (2018-11-22)
See which talks I'll be giving or read short reports of what I presented lately: http://ute.emendare.de
Easier photo viewing in TravelReports, e.g. HoheTauern (2015-08-17)
Following feedback from non-readers (i.e. people who only look at the photos, but don't read the text), I finally updated to a new version of Lightbox, and now you can click on any image in a travel report to view all of the images as a slideshow, without being bothered by all the text smiley
Everything new (2011-12-26)
I got a new (old) name, and this site got a new layout.
New URLs (2011-07-22)
As of today, this website uses a new scheme for it's URLs. The transition should have gone smoothly, but if you stumble over broken links or empty pages, please let me know via the ConTact form. Thanks!

XP Days 2009 in Karlsruhe (2009-11-28)
I've been attending the XP Days in Karlsruhe and there was a new system to share contact information: Pokens. This was very funny and I "pokened" with lots of people, so now I'm writing this to let them all know they're on the right URL when they land here:

Hi there, it's really me smiley

(This page doesn't really look like the page of Ute, the Scrum Master, except for this new pararaph).

Photo album (2009-02-17)
Now this wiki features its own photo album. The photos are being loaded from a remote server where I have more webspace available than on this one. Photos are organized in sets, and you can flip through the photos in each set, or look at the set overview pages. The main photo page displays one example photo from each set. Click on the thumbnails to see the larger versions. My thanks to Uli and Gerhard for giving me the chance to participate in development of their photoblog, which gave me valuable insights.
Refacturing (2009-01-30)
You may not have noticed (I really hope so!) but I did a mayor refactoring of the uki software which makes servicing and implementing new features much easier. Nothing should have changed in the frontend, but if you notice something unusual, please let me know. My plan, now that it's at all possible to add new features, is to include my own photoalbum. Flickr, which I'm using currently, is very slow and I think it's a nightmare to upload photos to flickr from a linux computer (compared to using ftp or rsync, for example). Thanks a lot to Frank for his patience during many spaghetti-code untangling sessions.
Performance Boost (2008-05-16)
I just installed a new version of the uki software; it should be a lot faster because it does not need to access the file system on the server that often (not that there are so many pages in this installation that anyone would notice the difference, but...). In addition, I can now specify the "teaser" for the rss feed manually and there won't be any funny, broken html code in the rss feed any more. If you encounter any problems, especially with the navigation, please use the ConTact form to let me know. Thanks.
Black (2007-12-3)
To honour my beloved grandmother who passed away on November 30, 2007, this website is in mourning.
@media print (2007-10-28)
I finally managed to make both Firefox and Internet Explorer accept that I want a different (simpler) layout for printing the pages. It has been implemented and now you can print without the top and left navigation bars.
Layout for Internet Explorer (2007-09-07)
Daniel Knaus just perfected the layout for Internet Explorer (thank you very much!).
Tab navigation (2007-08-..)
I couldn't have done it without Michael Rütten, the CSS guru.
Powered by PHP (2007)
This website is (as you may have noticed in the URL) powered by Uki, the UJap Wiki written in PHP. Here's more information about TheWiki.

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