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Prickly Pear

cactus leafcut cactus leaf

Returning from a holiday in southern Europe, I brought a leaf of a cactus with me. The procedure for planting a cactus is very similar to that for the PineApple.

To plant it, cut off the lower part. The upper part should be shaped like a wedge. If the leaf dries, the wedge-shape prevents the bark from "hiding" the flesh, which could lead to rotting (see also the text about the PineApple). The leaf must dry for two or three days.

cactus in pod

Then put the leaf into a pod with a sand-soil mix. Tie it to a small stick so it doesn't fall over. Give it water, but not too much (danger of rotting!) – but make sure the soil is always a bit wet! If it dries, and then you give water again, it may start to rot! After several weeks or months, a new leaf will grow somewhere at the border of the old one.