Winter Walks
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Winter at the Hadrians’ Wall. Robin Hood’s Tree (from the film with Kevin Costner). Frozen lake Crag Lough beneath the cliffs. Bird’s tracks frozen in snow. The path crosses this sheep's grazing ground, and they are quite intrigued by the unexpected visitors. As they are herd animals, all of them want to take a closer look. The crags (cliffs) from the other side. The wall runs on top of them. Robin Hood’s tree in located in Sycamore Gap. Another kind of sheep. Winter sun at the coast near Seaham. Steep cliffs surround a small beach. It’s high tide right now. If it was 30 degrees warmer, it would be a nice day for a swim. Water dripping down the cliff has frozen,... ...forming this beautiful cascade. Bird tracks in the sand. The sand's dark colour is a reminder of the coal mining that took place here until only 20 years ago. The waste from the mines was dumped over the cliff edges. The sun sets way too early. The geese are looking for food beneath the snow. With ice in it’s mane, the horse has withstood all the snow so far. A winterly Old Durham Farm. More bird’s tracks, on ice on a small beck. Even the River Wear is frozen,... ...which allows these swans to rest safely. Snow on the leaves of an ilex. Durham seems to sleep under the snow (but the quiet is probably due to the fact that most students have left the town for the Christmas holidays). St. Oswald Church viewed from Kingsgate Bridge. The Fallen Angel’s dining room. The summer pavillon at the banks of the River Wear makes a nice contrast with the snow. The sky looks even better in the reflection. Some weeds wear snowcaps. And again, the sun sets much too soon in this notherly land.