Hillwalking again
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In the Lake district near Threlkeld. Crossing rivers in winter poses additional challenges: Don’t step in stones which wear an ice-cap! Looking from the Old Coach Road towards Blencathra. On our way back to Threlkeld. The most amazing blue sky I have ever seen in England, in the Yorshire Dales near Wild Boar Fell. Looking towards Gregory Chapel. The white stuff is not snow, but hoar frost. Clouds or mountains in the distance? Approaching the top of Wild Boar Fell. And there we are, myself, James, Rob, Mike, and Alistair. The top has a collection of cairns on it. Clouds only peep over the mountains at the horizon today. If the moor were not frozen, we would all have wet feet by now. River Rawthey. Windblown ice on a fence. On our way down towards Sedbergh. The first sheep today. I just love these sunset photographs. Looking back towards Baugh Fell.