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large dracaena I got a problem with my dracaena, or with my flat, depending on the point of view. Anyway, it's a fact that the plant is meanwhile higher than the ceiling and has to coil at the top to fit in.
But thankfully it is quite easy to solve the problem - cut off the top part - and you may have the additional benefit of producing some offshoots to give away to friends... [I shouldn't write that here because some people may not like it to get some superfluous plant parts as birthday presents, but would be flattered if I bought some plant for them at a shop... and I see writing and reading blogs doesn't help my style].
remaining part of dracaena

What to do with the layers? Same procedure as every year, put them into water and see what happens. My friend had a much better idea to keep the roots in the dark than my ususal method to put dark paper around them: put the vase into an empty potato chips bag, that's made of opaque foil to keep the light from the chips, and what's good for them can't be bad for new roots, can it?
You can cut severals offshoots from one stem, and to keep them from drying or getting infected you can dip the tops into hot wax to seal them.