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Adrien watches Frank climb up the boulder rock
Our guide Adrien watches Frank climb up the boulder rock. Click on the image to see the larger version (3.6Mb).

Adrien was our guide for the trekking tour through the AndrinGitra national park. If you ever visit Madagascar, don't forget to book a tour with him: adrientreks AT yahoo DOT fr

Hello Adrien!

I promised to send you the photo from the rock: it took me some time, but now here it is. Thank you very much for the wonderful experience of trekking in the Andringitra mountains and climbing Pic Boby!

Patrick is right: you are definitely the best guide for Andringitra!

I created a photo album of most of the plants you showed me, with the names you wrote down for me. I hope I didn't make too many mistakes!

Best regards,