Chengdu Panda Base
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A visit to the Chengdu research base of giant panda breeding. The area was quite large, park-like, and nicely planted. unknown Hot and humid, as always. Eating bamboo. Early morning gymnastics. Eating more bamboo. Pointy-haired boss? Jeah, gymnastics is tiring. Air-conditioned indoor habitat. Can somebody please translate? Cross the suspension bridge carefully - no swinging! You wouldn’t try anything if you saw the state of the planks and the steel cables. unknown Mother cuddling her child - the small ones can live alone if they are about 1.5 to 2 years old. This one is probably about a year old. Take a break. Pandas prefer eating with their backs to the spectators. A peacock chick. Looks poisonous but is bottled green tea. The lower of the two big white symbols actually means 'tea'. Aquativ plant in flower. And another one. A very polite way to say 'keep off the grass'. Black swan. The swans were only mildly irritated by the goldfish. No idea what these are supposed to be. Elephants? In a panda park?