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    Uki Wiki Feature Requests


    Currently there are no known bugs. If you find one, please report it using the ConTact form. Thank you!

    Feature requests

    Rss feed

    • if a page is marked as private, its entry needs to be removed from the rss feed (even if "notify" is disabled)
    • if a page is deleted, the corresponding item needs to be deleted from the rss feed.
    • give the feed itself a publication date

    Data consistency

    • list of all pages/sitemap. Pages without parent shall not be displayed in sidebar (currently, only pages with a nonexisting parent page are not displayed, for example if the parent page was deleted).
    • on deleting a page, do something with the pages that have this page as a parent (ask user if he wants to specify another page as their parent, or set everything to mainpage as default)
    • on renaming a page, do something with the pages that have this page as a parent (rename the parent entry as well)
    • if there's an error when saving, don't automatically redirect to the page, but display the error instead and stay on the edit page.
    • prevent infinite loops when assigning parent pages

    WikiWords and links

    • wikiwords that do not have a corresponding page shall be marked/printed differently
    • for wiki word links, specify an alternate display text
    • when displaying a wiki-word-link, also put a link to "edit page" directly next to it (configurable - possibility to switch off)
    • easy link syntax does not work in edit-preview.


    • if you create a new page and save it, there should be a reminder if no parent page was selected - people accidentaly create top-level pages all the time.
    • http header redirects after save, rename, delete, login?
    • for newly installed wikis: the pages/ subdirectory is not created automatically
    • html page title shall always start with the wiki name - make wiki name configurable.
    • back to toc/top link at every section title (h1-4)
    • some logo and/or link to the wiki homepage
    • user handling: different users should be able to log in (that's more a common wiki feautre, not one I'd need for Uki right now since I'm using it alone)
    • make width of edit window adapt to width of main-content-block... or use a totally different layout for the edit page
    • automatically close all tags, to make the footer appear correct (if you leave a table open, for example, the footer will look funny).
    • checklists: use "o" to mark an open iten, and "X" to mark a "done" item (similar to normal button lists
    • show webmaster email in the footer!
    • sitemap
    • mark private pages (when logged in) in the left navigation
    • tool to find all internal links (to non-wiki pages as well as to wiki pages; useful for cleaning up your webspace
    • tool to find all refs to javascript (html script tag with src attribute)


    • login per wiki installation - need different session entries for different wiki installations.
    • put a hint on the editing page: keywords need to be comma-separated
    • css: make more space above headlines.
    • css: table layout: remove duplicate border. make tables more unobtrusive.
    • looks like page name syntax is not checked if you create new pages or open existing ones
    • easy syntax for external links
    • highlight the active page in the navigation bar
    • nested lists
    • simple method to create new page - "create page" text field and button in edit box?
    • Private pages
    • rss feed including content (not just title and link)
    • pagename as default title
    • beim löschen auch die metadata-datei löschen
    • beim preview-drücken geht der schon eingegebene Titel verloren
    • configurable favicon
    • for green layout: use leaf-icon for list items
    • generated table of contents
    • delete button erst auf der edit-seite, genauso wie alle anderen seiten-editierfunktionen. es reicht ein nerviger button auf der Ansichts-Seite - don't think I need that, with the new login link.
    • make name of stylesheet configurable
    • prevent leading/trailing spaces, but don't trim - jsut keep the content as it was entered by the user!
    • words which are not wiki-words but which use the WikiWord syntax need some escaping
    • escaping xml tags by using ampersand does not work, gets lost upon editing or previewing
    • automatically go to the page after editing it (automatic redirect) so user doesn't need to click the link to the page
    • layout oy paragraphs: more space between them; less space before and after headings
    • make real button lists with ul and li
    • delete page button
    • don't show .htaccess file in page list
    • table with basic spreadsheet functionality
    • make parser script pluggable - e.g. configure parser script name. – Parser scripts that are inside the parser directory are automatically applied. See UsersGuide (?).
    • make parser line-based - should work better (especially becuase list items now require a trailing empty line, which is currently trimmed because of the whitespace problem) – haha how can it be possible to recognize the beginning of a list if I get only one line at a time? I would have to remeber what the last line was. – There's a line-based and a file-based version now.
    • choose between line-based and whole-file-based parser (I guess the line-based one will win over the other one, but who knows) – (see above)
    • hierarchical menu structure - depth at least two, better three. – menus are created based on available pages, and each page can have a parent page.
    • change the name to Uki (instead of ujapwiki) whereever it occurs - corporate identity!
    • printing xml inside pre-tags does not work at all. that's because pre tags dont word that way.
    • Hoehe des Titel-Feldes muß "mitwachsen", wenn mann ctrl-+ drückt beim green layout.
    • do not display full path for "new page: ..." message on index.php
    • do not display full path on "deleted file: ..." message on delete.php
    • for green layout, make navigation bar width flexible
    • optional layout chooser (configurable)
    • do something if page names are too long for the menu bar on the left
    • automatic redirect to main page after deleting a page.
    • after login, goto the page last viewed
    • after login, edit thingy is not shown
    • logout button
    • beim preview-drücken geht die ausgewählte parent-seite verloren
    • als default-parent (falls keins gesetzt) mainpage auswählen und nicht die alphabetisch erste seite

    Resolved Bugs

    • unicode in rss teaser is broken
    • & and other html entities in the title field are not handled correctly when editing a page - information is lost and next time the page is edited, the field does not contain the html-entity but only the symbol itself
    • unicode characters, for example on the TravelGreece page, are scrambled when previewing the page (but are saved correctly).
    • when writing the rss feed, "unterminated entity refs" may appear because of wrongly cutting text for the description or because the page being saved contains invalid html/xml
    • mit new page Button eine neue Seite anlegen, erlaubt nicht diese Seite zu speichern
    • the links in the rss feed are wrong, they say for example http://ujap.de/FeatureRequests instead of http://ujap.de/index.php/view/FeatureRequests