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    This page describes the uki wiki syntax.

    Syntax: you can use all html tags. In addition, the following wiki syntax is possible:

    Table of Contents

    To insert a table of contents, you write % TOC % (no spaces between the % and the TOC). See the top of this page for an example TOC.


    Tables are defined using | as table field separators. Each table row must be on one line, with a | at the immediate beginning of the line and \r\n at the end of the line.

    There's some basic functionality for spreadsheet evaluation, if you put a = at the immediate beginning of a table field like this: |=4*7|.

    You can also make references to other table fields, these will be evaluated only if there's a = at the immediate beginning of the field. The references are defined like this: #rowindex#colindex. The first row/colum has the index 0. So you can write something like this: |= #0#0 * #0#1 | to multiply the first fields in the first row.

    It is possible to define sums of several table fields (without having to use the + sign and listing each field explicitly): use the following syntax: | SUM(#0#0:#4#4) | (no leading = here).

    The SUMs are evaluated after the = signs, therefore you can sum up fields that contain references to other fields or mathematical formulae.


    Bullet lists are written like this:
    • item
    • other item
    • item
    • other item

    One item per line (terminated by \r\n), three spaces at the beginning of the line before the * symbol, and at least one space after the asterisk.

    Enumerations are written like the bullet lists, but you use a number instead of the *. You may put a "." after the number, but it's not mandatory. Items will be printed in the order they're written on the page, independent from the numbers in front.

    1. my first list item
        42 second list item
        0  the third item
    1. my first list item
    42 my second list item 0 the third item

    Please note that for technical reasons, the number plus the optional dot may not use more than 2 chars, i.e. you can use a single digit, two digits, or a digit and a dot, but not three digits or two digits and a dot.

    Paragraphs, line breaks

    Line breaks (in html: br) are specified by inserting at least two line breaks (i.e. one empty line).

    Wiki Words

    Wiki Words are links to other pages in the wiki. The syntax of a WikiWord is this:
    If you want to write a word that mathces the wikiword format but you don't want a link, put in front: