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    Uki Wiki Administrators Guide

    Administrator's guide

    See also InstallationInstructions.

    Files and directories

      +---+--- index.php - main php file
          +--- uki.conf - configuration file
          +--- additional config and layout files (favicon, topnavi,... see below)
          +--- uki/
                +--- parser/ php files for parsing wiki pages)
                +--- styles/ css files + images used in the css files)
                +--- actions/ php files for handling user actions (edit, delete...)
                +--- all remaining php and layout files

    The uki directory can be anywhere within the webserver's document root (if it's not in the root, the stylesheets will not be accessible)

    Site-specific content

    If you put a fle named favicon.ico into the wiki installation directory, it will be used as the favourite icon on every wiki page.

    You can add elements to the top navigation bar (which is empty by default) by putting a file named topnavi.html into the wiki installation directory. The file should contain only a href="... tags (links), space-separated.