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    Installation instructions

    • go to the directory where you want to install the wiki. this needs to be somewhere in the webserver's document root.
    • unpack the tgz file (Note: this does NOT create a subdirectory, so you have to create that in step 1 already).
    • decide where you want to store wiki pages. For example I use /home/ute/wiki. This need not be in the webserver's documentroot.
    • create the directory for the pages: mkdir /home/ute/wiki
    • create a file .htaccess in that directory and add the following line: deny from all
    • in the wiki installation directory, rename example-uki.conf to uki.conf
    • edit uki.conf and edit/add the line define("DIR_NAME", "/home/ute/wiki/"); (adapt to match the directory you selected). Make sure there's a trailing slash at the end of the directory name
    • edit other configuration variables at your leisure.
    • it's not yet possible to specify username and passowrd for the user who can edit the pages. The username/password is hard-coded in the php files.
    • In addition to editing rights, you may want to add a .htaccess file to your wiki installaion directory to control who may view the wiki. please refer to the apache documentation for the correct syntax. Here's an example file to allow only one defined user to view and edit the wiki:
    AuthType Basic
    AuthName "Access for wiki" 
    AuthUserFile /home/user/my-password-file
    require user UkiEditor
    use the htpasswd command (or htpasswd2 for the new apache version) to create the password file:
    /usr/sbin/htpasswd2 -c /home/user/my-password-file UkiEditor