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    The graph applications presented here (Family Tree and UML Editor) have improved a lot because Rolf Lohaus magnificently transformed my spaghetti code into a beautiful program, both the internal design and the external GUI! Thank you!

    Common User Manual for Tools using Graphs

    Create new objects: right-click on the graph, select "Mode: add ...". (replace the ... dots by the name of the object you want to create). For vertices/nodes (e.g. Classes in the UML diagram, or people(marriages in the Family Tree), click anywhere onto the graph to create one. For edges (connections between the nodes), click and hold the button on the first vertex, drag the mouse to the second vertex, and release the button.

    To move nodes around in the graph, right-click on the graph, select "Mode: normal". Then click on the node and drag it to where you want it.

    You can select multiple vertices by holding down the Ctrl-key and clicking on the verices with the left mouse button. Then you can move all those vertices at once!

    You can determine the size of the graph area with the items "Set Width" and "Set Height" in the popup menu. If you select "Trim to size", all nodes are arranged to optimally fill the available space (without changeing their relative position). The "Increase space" options come in handy if you have drawn a lot of stuff and need more space on one side of the area.