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amorphophallus flower
amorphophallus plant with flower
Amorphophallus belongs to the family of Araceae. There are several species, among them the plant with the world's largest flower: Titan arum. I belive the one I have at home is of the species Amorphophallus konjac.

In spring, the plant makes a single stem which grows quickly and reaches a height of about 1m. On top unfolds a single, branched leaf. In autumn, leaf and stem dry and crumple and eventually disappear.

I put the pot in the cellar during the winter, and there in the dark it made a new stem. This was carrying the blossom for a huge flower. I moved the pot back into my living quarters to give the plant some light and warmth, and eventually the flower unfolded. With this came a horrible stench, like a dead body! The room where it was in was unusable for several days. But the flower was quite beautiful, after all. The flower (including the pot) is about 1.5m (5 feet) tall.