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Hibanobambusa tranquilans "Shiroshima" is supposed to reach a height of 1.5 to 2 meters at most, but though this would make it an ideal indoor plant, it feels more comfortable outside. It can even stand cold temparatures, down to -20 degrees Celsius!


In the shop they told me to put it into a new pod, and they sold me the pod and some special bambus soil right away. So this is what it looks like in the new pod - twice as big and a lot heavier! I'll put it on my balcony because I don't have a garden. That way, it can have as much fresh air as it likes, and I can watch it growing.

By the way, I bought the plant at this shop, which has a remarkable selection of different bambus plants (and other plants) and they offer good advice, too. And their web site is really great (in German). You can also order online.

Unfortunately a very cold winter was a little bit too cold for the potted plant, and thus it does no longer live with me...