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    How to grow a mango from it's stone


    Finally, a new report on a plant! It's been a long time...

    Yesterday Gerhard planned to eat a mango for dinner. It was a bit older, but still it was quite a surprise to see a young plant already growing inside it when Gerhard cut it in half! I immediately jumped at the chance to add a new species to my collection:

    mango seedling next to the stone

    I didn't know what to do with it, but thankfully the internet knew everything: they said to free it from the outer, hard shell of the stone and then plant it. That's what I did:

    planted mango seedling

    The normal germination time is several weeks, but I think our baby has a good head start and I'm expecting it to open it's leaves quite soon. Hopefully it can cope with winter's darkness and won't grow too tall and skinny in a desperate attempt to get more light...

    By the way, we didn't eat the mango itself, since it's inside colour gave a clear indication that it was more suited to nourishing seedlings than humans.

    Stay tuned for updates!