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Carnivorous Plants

terrarium with carnivores

Carnivorous plants are very demanding and don't grow everywhere. Most species require high humidity and soil that's low in nutritients. Cultivating them inside a terrarium allows for high humidity. I have a hygrometer/thermometer inside the terrarium to control living conditions (that's the geek part - the sensor radio-transmits the data to the display on my desk). The white box on top contains two special light bulbs that are turned on for 11 hours every day. This makes it possible to keep the terrarium anywhere in the room and not neccessarily in front of a window. Most carnivores prefer very bright or even sunny conditions, and I just don't have enough windows for that. The center of the terrarium is occupied by a Nepenthes (pitcher plant), which grows on a little hill so its pitchers can hang down on the sides. On the left and right, there are two Drosera (Sundew) species (see also picture below), one with white and one with pink flowers.

drosera plant

In the meantime, we have added two other species, one Sarracenia purpurea and one Dionaea (since they don't have Utricularia in the shops near my home). They were planted in the left and right back corners, respectively. The Dionaea had buds when we bought it and has made some small white flowers since then. Perhaps it will disseminate just as the Drosera did - my friend put some of the new seedlings into a large glass and took them to his office, where they grow happily thanks to the bright and warm artificial light.

The newest addition to the terrarium is a Tillandsia. These plants grow on threes in the jungle, but they're not parasitic, they just like the view. Tillandsia loves high humidity and should feel well here. It hangs on a wire in the front left corner.