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    Family Tree

    The Family Tree Tool can be used to create a genealogic tree of your ancestors.


    Once you have entered all the data, about people and marriages, and connected them by lines (click-and-drag), you can try one of the different layout algorithms to make your tree look nice.

    It is very difficult, if not impossible, to write an algorithm that chooses the best possible layout for any tree you enter, because it is sometimes ambiguous which layout is really the best. And what we think to look optimal is not really what the computer thinks optimal in terms of "length of connections is minimal" or something.

    For the layouter to work correctly, it is required that the edges always start at the 'upper' vertex and point to a 'lower' one, for example start at a marriage and point to a child, or start at a person and point to her/his marriage.

    For more information on how to add people to the tree, and how to use the editor, see here: CelloGraph.

    Your genealogic tree in HTML

    The data you entered can be exported as an XML file (importing is not yet possible). Then, you can use XSL stylesheets and an XSL transformer such as Xalan to convert the XML file to html files with different layout. At the moment a normal list view of all people is available, as well as something similar to a tree. You can find the corresponding stylesheets in the data/ahn/ directory of your Ujap distribution.


    Download the program here: DownLoad


    Click here for information about the latest version and new features and changes from previous versions.