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Growing an Avocado

avocado halvesavocado in glass

Avocados grow in south and middle america. The fruits are green and have a leather-like skin. If you cut them in half, you can put salt, pepper and lemon juice on top and have a nice appetizer (to be eaten with a spoon directly from the skin).

Of course, the stone has to be removed first. Keep it! You can use it to grow your own avocado plant. Put three matches in it, and place it over a glass. Fill the glass with water, so that the lower half of the stone is in the water (the pointed end is the upper one and must be above the water).

avocado in pot

After six months (at the latest) you should see a white root growing from the stone into the water. Now it's time to plant your avocado. Take a pot, fill it with soil, and make a long hole in the middle to accomodate the avocado root. Then place the stone on the soil, such that the lower half is inside and only the top half sticks out. You can remove the matches now.

After another week or two, you will see that the stone splits at the top, and a new avocado plant starts growing. Several years later, it will look like this:

grown-up avocado plant

But don't forget to water your plant regularly... and sometimes, it requires a bigger pod.

thirsty avocadoavocado roots